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  • City of Haysville | Inspections

    Inspections The City of Haysville Inspections Department works with contractors and homeowners to ensure that new constructions, remodeled structures, additions to existing structures or any other modification is in compliance with local and state laws, ordinances and codes. Functions of the Inspection Department Reviewing and approving site plans as needed. Ensuring that buildings are constructed according to approved site plans. Site inspections at various stages for orderly and proper construction. Ensuring that new constructions, remodeled structures, additions to existing structures or any other modification meets local and state laws, ordinances and codes. City Code Forms Scheduling an Inspection Call Dawn or Nicci at Public Works, 529-5940, to schedule an appointment. Chad Bettles City Inspector 401 S. Jane 316.529.5940 Hours Monday- Thursday 7:30 am - 5:00 pm Friday 7:30 am - 11:30 am

  • City of Haysville | Senior Center Planning

    Senior Center Planning The purpose of the Senior Planning Committee is to make recommendations to Senior Center staff of programs of interest for current center members. Committee members assist with planning and execution of some activities. ​ Board Members David Straub Geri Straub Bill McCrary Kim Cooley Mary Helen Jordan Ruth Miller Kristen McDaniel (Mayor's Designee) ​ Meetings The board meets the first Monday of each month at 1:00 pm, at the Senior Center unless there are no agenda items to address. Open to the public. ​ Senior Center Department

  • City of Haysville | Streets

    Streets The Street Department is responsible for the maintenance of City streets, right of ways, street signs, traffic lights and pavement markings. Other duties may include taking charge during road closures/inclement weather, hanging light pole banners and assisting with various community events. We take pride in the condition of our city streets and schedule regular maintenance to promote and ensure longevity. Snow Removal Process & Routes It is the City’s goal to ensure the safe and efficient movement of vehicle and pedestrian traffic during snow/ice events. You can view Emergency, Arterial & Collector Snow Routes here What is a “Snow Emergency” A snow emergency is defined as a point in time when 2” of snow have fallen and it is still snowing OR the weather forecasts indicate additional snow will fall. At that time, employees will begin plowing as close as possible to the time the snowfall ceases. The intent is to avoid plowing more than once for a single snowfall. Depending on the amount of snow, our goal is to plow and clear all arterial and collector streets within 48 hours. Final cleanup of areas will take place the next working day. The city is not responsible for snow/ice deposits in driveways or sidewalks due to the removal operations. Type I Snowfall Snowfall less than 2”, or any icing on the city streets Generally, snow removal is not necessary for all areas of the city. Primary traffic routes may be plowed and treated with salt and sand to maintain the safest possible surface. Type II Snowfall Snowfall of 2”-6” Typically, snow removal begins as soon as practical after snowfall has ceased, depending on the timing of the snowfall event. Every effort will be made to provide safe driving conditions prior to “peak traffic hours”. Type III Snowfall Snowfall greater than 6” The city has a system of arterial and collector streets that link neighborhoods, major arterial routes, and facilities such as schools, etc. Depending on the duration of any snowfall event, it may be necessary to continually clear arterial streets in order to assure public safety. Once snowfall has ceased, priority streets within the city will be cleared before snow removal begins on collector streets. Plowing Priorities In determining priority routes, considerations are given to topography, traffic volumes, and special usage. Heavily traveled routes are given greater priority over less traveled routes. Streets adjacent to schools, medical centers, and commercial areas are given additional consideration. Necessary county roads and state highways outside the city’s corporate limits will be maintained by the individual jurisdictions with minor overlapping assistance provided by the City of Haysville. Sanding Operations Sanding units will be dispatched to treat priority streets, stop signs, intersections, other problem areas as needed. If the only hazardous condition is drifting snow, there will be no need for sanding, only manual removal. When icing conditions exist, the crew leader may initiate a call out, or the dispatcher will notify Public Works immediately to enact sanding or deicing procedures. All vehicle or pedestrian accidents will be served as a priority. John Simons Street Supervisor 401 S. Jane 316.529.5940 Hours Monday- Thursday 7:30 am - 5:00 pm Friday 7:30 am - 11:30 am

  • City of Haysville | Found Dogs

    Found Dogs Angi Goetze Animal Control Officer 200 W. Grand Avenue 316.529.5912 For more information contact Haysville Police at 316.529.5912

  • City of Haysville | Wastewater

    Wastewater NOTICE: It is unlawful to open City Manholes. If you see anyone opening a City manhole, please notify the Police Department or the Public Works Department immediately. The City of Haysville is not affiliated with and does not endorse or regulate any company offering or providing water or sewer line insurance. The Wastewater Department is responsible for maintaining and servicing approximately 40 miles of sanitary sewer lines and 980 manholes. Our Wastewater Department is also responsible for the operation and maintenance of the City’s treatment facility. On average, the wastewater facility treats 650,000 gallons every day, but is designed to treat up to 2 million gallons. View and print our “Understanding the Wastewater Department” brochure here View Haysville’s City Code regarding Water Utilities here Sewer Tap Fees The fee for a new connection to the Haysville wastewater system is $500.00. Reporting a Sewer Back-Up: During normal business hours, call Public Works at 529-5940. After hours, on weekends or holidays, please call the Non-Emergency line at 529-5912. **If you are having sewer problems and think you need a plumber, call the Haysville Wastewater Department first. The city can check our portion of the sewer system to determine if you truly need a plumber. This could save you time and money, and helps the Wastewater Department remain aware of possible problems in the area.** Sewer Back-Ups Municipalities generally are not liable for damages resulting from a sewer back up even if the back-up originates in the City’s line. Many insurance companies offer sewer and drain endorsements as a rider to a homeowner’s policy. This rider typically covers both a sanitary sewer backup and sump pump failure. Check with your insurance company for details.

  • City of Haysville | Investigations

    Investigations Kevin Sexton Investigations Commander Chad Case Supervisor Brady Simmons Detective Justin Hehnke Detective 200 W. Grand Avenue 316.529.5912 The function of the Haysville Police Department's Investigations Section is to review and investigate reports of felony and misdemenor crimes, identify suspects, both adult and juvenile, and prepare cases for prosecution with the District Attorney's Office or the Haysville City Prosecutors Office. All criminal reports made to the Haysville Police Department are refered to the Investigations Section for further review. Detectives are assigned cases based ,in part, on the information provided to them through officer's reports, victims statements, and eye witness accounts. Other factors used to decide if a case will be assigned for further investigation include: clear descriptions that will identify the suspect, license tag information, direct knowledge of who committed the crime, physical evidence that can identify the suspect, or witnesses who are able to positively identify the suspect. There could be other factors that may also be used in determining case assignment. There are instances where a report will contain all the necessary information needed to determine that a crime has been committed and there is a known suspect responsible for the crime. Those cases are reviewed for completeness and a determination is made based on probable cause whether it is a misdemenor or a felony. If all of the necessary information is there the cases are immediately assigned to a detective for preperation and presentation to the Sedgwick County District Attorney's office. A review date is set with the DA as soon as possible. Only felony cases are reviewed by the District Attorney and done by appointment only. Any misdemenor cases will be forwarded to the Haysville Municipal Court and City Prosecutor for local prosecution. In the case where a Detective has exhausted all leads and no more information was developed towards prosecution, the case will be considered inactive. Should new information be developed, the case can be reopened for further investigation. If you are the victim of a crime currently being investigated by the Haysville Police Department and have a question about your case you can contact the Investigations Section.

  • City of Haysville | Recycling/Yard Waste

    Recycling/Yard Waste Haysville Public Works Recycling Center 401 S. Jane Haysville, KS 67060 *Weather Permitting* M-TH, 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM (Closed 12 – 1 PM) Friday 7:30 AM - 11:00 AM Haysville residents, or those who live within the Haysville City Limits, have FREE access to the recycling center. We require Name, Address, Phone Number & License Plate Number in order to grant access. Contractors who are doing work for Haysville residents are welcome to recycle yard waste, as long as the homeowner has called prior to the contractor arriving. Materials We Accept Limbs & Branches Shrubs Grass Clippings Non-refrigerated White Goods Concrete Brick Rock Metal Dirt Oil ​ Materials We Do NOT Accept Lumber/Treated Lumber Rail Road Ties Mattresses Fence Boards Construction Debris Siding Furniture Tires Paint Household Junk/Trash Refrigerated Appliances Materials that are not accepted at the Haysville Recycling Center can be taken to Brooks C&D Landfill. Brook’s Landfill 4100 N. West St. Wichita, KS 67205 (316) 305-3225 RV Dump Station The RV Dump Station is located off of Delos & Grand, or Wayne & Grand. The Dump Station is FREE to use and open 24 hrs mid-spring through early winter. Holiday Tree Recycling Holiday Tree Recycling runs for approximately 2 weeks after December 25.

  • City of Haysville | Municipal Court

    Municipal Court Jess Childs Court Clerk Online Court Payments 200 W. Grand Haysville, KS 67060 316.529.5920 Hours Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Online Court Payments Court Schedule Court is held on Tuesdays at 2:00 p.m. Trials occur on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month and arraignments are held on the first and third Tuesdays. Court is not held on on the 5th Tuesday of a month. ​ Payment Methods ​ Court payments can be made in person with the Court Clerk using an in-state check, cash, or money order. Payments by mail are accepted using in-state checks and money orders only. Credit and debit card payments can be made at or by calling 1-800-701-8560. Service fees apply. To make a payment with this third-party service, your citation or case number is required. Diversion Program Diversions may be available for first-time offenses in the following categories: -Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol -Theft -Unlawful possession of a controlled substance or drug paraphernalia -Battery (including domestic violence) -Criminal damage to property -Purchase, possession or consumption of alcohol -Transport of open container Information regarding fees and requirements can be obtained from the Probation Officer. Dress Code and Conduct Appropriate attire is required for attendance in court. Shorts and halter tops are not allowed and shoes are required in Court. Probation The Probation Officer is responsible for maintaining records on all individuals required by the Judge to be on probation for various reasons. Many will be required to physically report to the Probation Officer once a month and may, as a condition of their probation, have to attend training or counseling during their probation. Christopher Davis City of Haysville Probation Officer South Central Kansas Court Services Programs In lieu of paying fines, one option available to offenders is community service. Community Service must be approved by the Judge. Uniform Public Offense Code Standard Traffic Ordinance

  • City of Haysville | City Budget

    City Budget Mill Levy: The mill levy to fund the 2022 budget for the City of Haysville is 45.448. ​ The value of each mill is based on the total assessed valuation of the City and is per $1,000. The valuation is $76,129,288 making one mill worth $76,129.29. ​ Example ; To calculate the taxes on a $100,000 home, multiply the appraised value ($100,000) by the percentage for residential housing of 11.5% ($100,000 x 11.5% = $11,500). The result is the assessed value of the home, or $11,500, and this is what the tax is based on. Multiply the assessed value ($11,500) by the total mill levy (city + state + county + school district) which is 150.980 and then divide by 1,000. The total tax due on the home would be $1,736.27. The same process would apply to a $55,000 home: $55,000 x 11.5% = $6,325 x 150.980 / 1,000 = $954.95. Remember to add on the cemetery mill levy if you are assessed for one. ​ 2021 Budget 2022 Budget 2023 Notice of Public Hearing/Proposed Budget Sales Tax Projects

  • City of Haysville | Council

    CITY COUNCIL Mayor - Russ Kessler Term Expires Jan. 2026 316.529.5900 Biography COUNCIL AGENDAS WARD I Ward I - Dale Thompson Term Expires Jan. 2024 316.554.1735 Biography Ward I - Steve Crum Term Expires Jan. 2026 316.491.1977 Biography WARD II Ward II - Janet Parton Term Expires Jan. 2024 316.641.4186 Biography Ward II - Dan Benner Term Expires Jan. 2026 316.372.5688 Biography WARD III Ward III - Pat Ewert Term Expires Jan. 2026 316.524.0071 Biography Ward III - Bob Rardin Term Expires Jan. 2024 316.522.2663 Biography WARD IV Ward IV - Danny Walters Term Expires Jan. 2026 316.993.7693 Biography Ward IV - DJ Barkley Term Expires Jan. 2024 316.706.5980 Biography

  • City of Haysville | City Clerk

    City Clerk Angela Millspaugh City Clerk/Treasurer Teri Sanders Assistant City Clerk 200 W. Grand Avenue 316.529.5900 Hours Monday- Thursday 7:30 am - 5:00 pm Friday 7:30 am - 11:30 am The City Clerk Department encompasses several different aspects of the City's essential functions. The department's responsibilities include, but are not limited to: the budget, business licenses and permits, special assessments, utility billing, and voter registration. Audit Reports Business Licenses Opportunity to Work Notice Fair Housing Policy Fair Housing Resolution HUD Complaint Form Fair Housing Area Offices Fair Housing Act of 1988 Utility Billing Know Your Rights Know Your Right - Spanish Kansas Tenants Handbook Kansas Landlords Handbook Tenant Issues and Rights Kansas Act Against Discrimination No Surprises Act Requirement Summary of New Ordinances

  • City of Haysville | Steve Crum Bio

    Steve Crum - Ward I Ward I - Steve Crum Term Expires Jan. 2026 316.491.1977 Councilperson Crum first served on City Council from 2001-2010 representing the citizens of Ward 3 and has served Ward 1 since 2013. He and his wife Paige have lived in Haysville for 50 years. Together they have four grown children, all of whom are graduates of Campus High School. Following in his father Glenn’s footsteps, Steve is a teacher at Nelson Elementary, which is the school he attended as a child. He is a proud coach of both the Campus swim team and the Haysville Piranhas summer swim team. In 2016, Steve was elected to the Kansas State House of Representatives, serving the people of District 98 for two years. He enjoys spending time in this friendly city and is very happy that he and Paige raised their kids in the same great town they were raised in. He loves being active in the community and hopes to inspire young people to be involved in civic service early in life.

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