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City Budget

Mill Levy: The mill levy to fund the 2022 budget for the City of Haysville is 45.448.

The value of each mill is based on the total assessed valuation of the City and is per $1,000. The valuation is $76,129,288 making one mill worth $76,129.29.


To calculate the taxes on a $100,000 home, multiply the appraised value ($100,000) by the percentage for residential housing of 11.5% ($100,000 x 11.5% = $11,500). The result is the assessed value of the home, or $11,500, and this is what the tax is based on. Multiply the assessed value ($11,500) by the total mill levy (city + state + county + school district) which is 150.980 and then divide by 1,000. The total tax due on the home would be $1,736.27. The same process would apply to a $55,000 home: $55,000 x 11.5% = $6,325 x 150.980 / 1,000 = $954.95. Remember to add on the cemetery mill levy if you are assessed for one.

2021 Budget

2022 Budget

2023 Notice of Public Hearing/Proposed Budget

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