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New Ordinances

Codification of Ordinances

Comprehensive Plan Update

Gas Franchise Update

Chapter 16A Zoning District Changes

Ward Boundary Change

Fee Schedule Update

Chapter 16A Zoning Regulation Use Chart and Changes

Proposition of Levying 1.00% Retailers' Sales Tax

Historical Preservation Regulations

Amending Appendix D, The Sign Regulations

Amending Site Development of the Parking Code

Subdivision Regulations Update

Recodification of the City Code

Resolution to Establish City Newspaper

Resolution to Amend Wheatland Village Public Utilities

Updating of the Comprehensive Plan

Amending Chapter 16A

Proposition of Levying 1% Sales Tax

Zone Change from HC to SF

Zone Change from LC and SF to TF

Changing Activity Center Membership Fees

Levying Special Assessments - Copper Tail Addition

Evergy Franchise Agreement

Sale of General Obligation Bonds

Providing for the Issuance of General Obligation Bonds

Amending Chapter 16A, Zoning Regulations

Levy One Percent (1%) Retailers' Sales Tax

Granting Twin Valley Communications Contract Franchise

Granting Ideatek Telecom Contract Franchise

Stormwater Management

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