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Will Black
City Administrator

Georgie Carter_02072024.jpg

Georgie Carter
Deputy Administrator

200 W. Grand Avenue

The City Administrator is responsible for providing leadership in the daily administration and implementation of all City operations and the policies, goals, and vision set forth by the Mayor and the City Council. 


The Administrative Department consists of economic development, planning and zoning, communications, multi-media, IT, and the senior center operations. They are responsible for:

  • Promote and encourage community and economic development.

  • Recommend annual budget, Prepares a budget for the city council’s consideration

  • Administer the adopted budget and capital improvement programs.

  • Act as liaison with citizens, businesses, community organizations, and government agencies.

  • Monitor state and federal legislation.

  • Prepare City Council meeting agenda, including supporting materials.

  • Coordinate compliance with national and state laws.

  • Implements and enforces policies established by the elected officials

  • Enforces and implements local Zoning codes

  • Manages Floodplain management and certification

  • IT, Communications

  • Multi-Media and Digital Communications

  • Senior Center operations 

  • City legal 

  • Supervision of all City projects and grants

  • Accountable for the City finances

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