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Historic Committee

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The function of the Haysville Historic District Committee is to promote the educational, cultural, economic and general welfare of the community by:

  • Providing a mechanism to identify and conserve the distinctive historic and architectural characteristics and other historic resources of the City of Haysville, Kansas, which represents elements of the City's cultural, social, economic, political, and architectural history;

  • Fostering civic pride in the beauty and noble accomplishments of the past as represented in the City's Landmarks, HistoricalAreas, and historic resources;

  • Conserving and improving the value of property in and around designated landmarks, historic areas, and within the community;

  • Enhancing the attractiveness of the City to residents, current and prospective home owners, visitors, and shoppers, and thereby supporting and promoting business, commerce, industry, and providing economic benefit to the City;

  • Fostering and encouraging preservation, restoration, and rehabilitation of structures, areas, and neighborhoods;

  • Fostering and encouraging the studying, interpreting, and publicizing of historic resources.

Master Plan

In 2003 the City of Haysville adopted this Historic District Master Plan.  The Historic Committee has prioritized these items and are now working to put together cost estimates and timeline for the completion of the Plan. 


The Historic Committee consists of eleven members which are residents or property owners of Haysville.  Members are appointed by the Mayor.

  • Patty Waters (Chair), Term Expires 01/23

  • Brooke Aziere (Vice-Chair), Term Expires 01/23

  • Pat Ferguson, Term Expires 01/23

  • Wanda Gilmere, Term Expires 01/22

  • Carole Gonzalez, Term Expires 01/22

  • Barbara Pacheco, Term Expires 01/23

  • Lyn Worrell, Term Expires 10/21

  • Susan Norton, Term Expires 02/22

  • Pat Ewert (Mayor’s Designee)

  • Debbie Coleman (Planning’s Designee)

  • Ken Bell (Library Board)




The Historic Committee meets at 5:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month.  The meetings are held at City Hall, 200 West Grand. For more meeting information contact Tiffany Albassam at 529-5900 or talbassam@haysville-ks.com.

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