Senior Center Boards

Senior Center Boards

Senior Citizens Advisory Board


The Board was established by City Ordinance to provide input from area seniors, businesses, schools, and churches on how to best serve senior citizens.  The Board meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Senior Center, 160 East Karla, at 1:00 p.m.   The Ordinance establishing the board provides for 6 members from the community, 3 of whom shall be 55 or over, and one of whom shall be an employee of Unified School District 261, one member from a local business, one from the Ministerial Alliance, and a representative from the City Council.


Current Board Members

  • Glenn Crum, Chairman

  • Clem Dickerson

  • Phil Harris

  • David Province

  • David Straub

  • Jennifer Jones, Ministerial Alliance Representative

  • Valerie Blackburn, Business Community Representative

  • Adia Ludwig, USD 261 Representative

  • Mayor Bruce Armstrong, Council Representative


The Board was established to make recommendations to Council concerning the affairs of the Senior Citizens Center, report to Council concerning quality of life of senior citizens, and make recommendations to Council on issues relating to the health, safety and welfare of senior citizens.

Board member terms do not expire.

Senior Center Planning Committee

The Planning Committee is comprised of 8 senior center members who have been elected to a one year term by the members of the center itself. Their job is to provide ideas to the Director for different kinds of activities for the members. They also support fundraising within the center so donations can be made to groups both inside and outside of our community along with ways to better the center itself.

Current Board Members

  • David Straub, President

  • Ruth Stevenson, Secretary

  • Gerry Straub, Treasurer

  • Louise Ragland

  • Evelyn Cherry

  • Paul Kindertecht

  • Kim Cooley

  • Herb Studyvin

All board member terms are for one year.