Snow and Ice Removal

Snow and Ice Removal Priorities:

  •  First Priority: Emergency Routes as designated in the snow route map, all essential municipal & public facilities.

  • Second Priority: Arterial Traffic Routes, and school zones as designated on the snow route map.

  • Third Priority: Collector Traffic Routes as designated on the snow route map.

"Snow Emergency" Defined

A snow emergency is defined as a point in time when 2” have fallen and it is still snowing or if weather forecasts indicate that additional snow will fall. At that time employees will begin plowing as close as practical to the time the snowfall ceases. The intent is to avoid plowing more than once for a single snowfall. Depending on the amount of snow, our goal is to plow and to clear all arterial and collector streets within 48 hours. Final clean up of areas will take place the next working day. The city is not responsible for snow/ice deposits in driveways or sidewalks due to the removal operations.

Sanding Operations

Sanding units will be dispatched to treat priority streets, stop signs, intersections, other problem areas as needed. If the only hazardous condition is drifting snow, there will be no need for sanding, only manual removal. When icing conditions exist, the crew leader may initiate a call out, or the dispatcher will notify Public Works immediately to enact sanding or deicing procedures. All vehicle or pedestrian accidents will be served as a priority.

Priority for Facilities Crew

  1. City Building

  2. Senior Center

  3. Haysville Activity Center

  4. Haysville Community Library

  5. Community Building

  6. Vickers Building


John Simons



The Street Department is responsible for maintaining City streets. Their work consists of road patching, grading, snow removal,  and street cleaning.

Snow Routes

Emergency Routes

  1. Grand Avenue from Plaza Drive to the West City Limits.

  2. North and South Main to the City Limits or into the county area for a turn around.

  3. Meridian from Grand north to the school drive.

  4. South Jane from Grand to the City Yards.

Snowfall Types

Type I Snowfall

 Snowfall less than 2”, or any icing on the city streets

 Generally, snow removal is not necessary for all areas of the city. Primary traffic routes may be plowed and treated with salt and sand to maintain the safest possible surface.



Type II Snowfall

Snowfall of 2”-6”

Typically, snow removal begins as soon as practical after snowfall has ceased, depending on the timing of the snowfall event. Every effort will be made to provide safe driving conditions prior to “peak traffic hours”.



Type III Snowfall

Snowfall greater than 6”

The city has a system of arterial and collector streets that link neighborhoods, major arterial routes, and facilities such as schools, etc. Depending on the duration of any snowfall event, it may be necessary to continually clear arterial streets in order to assure public safety. Once snowfall has ceased, priority streets within the city will be cleared before snow removal begins on collector streets.

Arterial Routes

  1. Hungerford north to Timberlane Drive south to Grand Ave.

  2. Sarah Lane from Hungerford to North Main.

  3. North Lamar from Sarah Lane to Grand Avenue along with Castle Lane and Clinton Avenue from Sarah Lane to Castle Lane.

  4. Campbell Drive north from Grand to Castle, then west to Lamar

  5. Baughman to Hemphill to North Delos, then south to Grand Avenue.

  6. Alice from Baughman to Nelson School Bus Drive.

  7. Kay to Karla (to north Main once the street goes through).

  8. Karla from Main to dead end (Until the street is through).

  9. Mabel from 63rd Street South to Plagens-Carpenter Park.

  10. Mimosa from Timberlane to Willow Lane.

  11. Willow Lane from Meridian to Mimosa Drive and north to Alexander and east to the 100 block of Fager and east to North Main.

  12. Turkle from Grand to 4th Street, then west to Meridian.

  13. Ranger from 4th St. to Grand Avenue.

  14. 2nd Street from Meridian to Van Arsdale.

  15. Willow from Meridian to Mimosa.

Plowing Priorities

In determining priority routes, considerations are given to topography, traffic volumes, and special usage. Heavily traveled routes are given greater priority over less traveled routes. Streets adjacent to schools, medical centers, and commercial areas are given additional consideration.

Necessary county roads and state highways outside the city’s corporate limits will be maintained by the individual jurisdictions with minor overlapping assistance provided by the City of Haysville.

Collector Routes

  1. Corey Street from 63rd Street to Grover east to “A” Street north and west to Pleasant Street then north to 63rd Street.

  2. Hollywood from Corey to Hale, North on Hale, then East on Sunflower to Pleasant.

  3. Osage from 63rd to 65th St and then west to Seneca.

  4. Hemphill east to Jane then south to Grand Avenue.

  5. MarlenDrive from Karla to Grand Avenue.

  6. Freeman from Jane to Marlen Drive.

  7. North Ward Parkway from Grand Avenue to Sunnyside then east to Cottonwood, then east to Broadway.

  8. Cain Drive from Broadway to East Grand.

  9. Pirner from East Grand to Diedrich, then west to Broadway.

  10. Emmett Avenue to lift station.

  11. Blossum into Orchard Acres and all roads within.

  12. South Brooke from Broadway to Twin Pines, north to Lonna, west to Ward Parkway, south to Berlin, then east to Broadway.

  13. Ward Parkway from Grand Avenue south to Diedrich then to Broadway.

  14. South Marlen from Grand south to Peach, and west to Jane.

  15. Spencer to Wayne to Grand Avenue.

  16. German from Grand to 7th Street.

  17. 7th Street from German to Turkle.

  18. Chatta from 4th St to Chelsea west to Meridian.

  19. Saddle Brooke from Meridian west to Lakeview, south to 79th Street.

  20. Country Lakes from Meridian to Schoolhouse.

  21. Anita from North Main to Ivah to Alexander.

  22. Sandalwood from Meridian to Timberlane.

  23. Hannah Ln. from Meridian east to Caleb, to Aspen to Hickory.

  24. General cleaning of all other residential streets as needed.

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