WELLBEATS™ is free with your Haysville Activity Center Membership!!



An innovative, automated system that delivers any type of fitness class on demand–all day, 7 days a week. It’s like having your own fitness instructor on call!



  • Specific classes are scheduled to take place at certain days and times

  • Any other time the room will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis and any class may be played

  • Sign up at the front desk to start a class

  • These classes will be included in your membership or daily fee



WELLBEATS™ is closed at the following times:

Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:45-10:00am for STEPS Class

Mondays from 5:30-8:00pm for Dance/Cheer




Experience the ‘best ride’ of your life with our WELLBEATS™ Revcycling classes. Maximize calorie burn and increase cardio and muscle endurance with our unique mix of sprints, climbs, intervals, drills, terrain and technique training, to challenge you in every class.

• Interval training increases cardiovascular fitness fast and helps burn maximum calories
• Tones and shapes legs, hips and butt
• Endorphin release during class gives you a “natural high”
• No impact, low coordination and ability to manage your own resistance means anyone can ride


WELLBEATS™ Stomp is truly a “step revival”...as step was originally meant to be taught.  Go up, over and around the step for a total body, cardio-driven workout. Easy to follow yet inventive step patterns make Stomp doable and fun!



• Cardio workout raises overall fitness level and increases heart and lung capacity.

• Improves bone health and density.

• Great butt and leg workout that burns loads of calories for a leaner body..

• Adjustable step so participants can choose intensity levels.


Invigorating and vitalizing, each WELLBEATS™ Fusion class is the perfect integration of yoga and Pilates moves, with attention to breath, form, flow and body balance.



• Improves posture, joint flexibility and range of motion to ensure better movement and fewer injuries.

• Reduces stress levels and provides a lasting sense of well-being.

• Focuses mind and raises consciousness levels through controlled breathing.

• Increases toning, flexibility, and core strength which can alleviate back pain


You’ll never be bored with our no-nonsense total-body training WELLBEATS™ Kinetics program. This multi-activity class includes sport-style cardio intervals interspersed with resistance training circuits and muscle isolation work. It’s the most effective way to torch calories and test your levels of fitness and endurance!



• High calorie burn will get you in shape fast.

• Tones and shapes the body while increasing strength through core conditioning work.

• Improves heart and lung capacity as well as agility and coordination.

• Strength and sports exercises combine to help raise overall fitness and stamina.



Get down, get edgy and get your groove on as world rhythms drive these multi-dimensional dancebased classes. From Latin to urban, hip hop and more, WELLBEATS Vibe classes take the party to the floor and you’ll forget you’re exercising!



• Burn calories and improve coordination while letting loose and dancing like a star.

• Develop self-expression and self-confidence.

• Get a great workout without realizing it.

• Hot sounds and different dance styles with each release ensure members stay motivated.


TKO is a non-stop movement to channel one’s inner fighter. Benefit from the power behind the punch and total-body training. A fusion of martial arts disciplines, each class includes a combination of punches, kicks, strikes and techniques for a great knockout experience.



• Cardio fitness workout that increases heart and lung capacity.

• Full body workout that tones and shapes key muscle groups such as the core, shoulders and legs.

• Calorie burning for a leaner body.

• Authentic martial arts workout improves coordination, agility and joint stability.

• “Shadow” fighting relieves stress and builds self-confidence.