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Storm Drains

As an integral part to the safety of our streets, storm drains must be kept free of debris and function at maximum capacity. The philosophy of "only rain in the drain" should be adopted by all Haysville residents.  Property owners can dispose of yard waste at the City’s Recycling Center. Learn more about the Haysville Recycling Center Here.


Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Permit

Stormwater Infrastructure Map 
Preventative Measures 
Our community can take preventative measures to decrease erosion and sediment runoff from entering our storm water system. Good common sense can go a long way; Here are some examples: 

  • Consider using a car wash instead of washing your car at home. 

  • Contain waste oil and take it to Haysville’s Recycling Center to dispose. 

  • Do not use the street or gutter inlet to dispose of yard waste such as lawn clippings and leaves, instead bring it to Haysville’s Recycling Center. 

  • Don’t fertilize your lawn if there is a chance for rain. 

  • Sweep your driveway rather than washing it down. 

  • Use pesticides sparingly on lawns and gardens. Instead, consider a more natural approach. 

View & Print our “Stormwater Utility Information” brochure here  

"Use Lawn Chemicals Wisely" brochure

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