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  • City of Haysville | Public Hearings

    Public Hearings Hearing Notice for December 14, 2023 - Updating Chapter 16 ​ Hearing Notice for December 14, 2023 - Comprehensive Plan Changes ​ Hearing Notice for December 14, 2023 - Land Use Map Changes ​ Hearing Notice for December 14, 2023 - Zone Change

  • City of Haysville | Village Christmas

    Village Christmas Village Christmas Pictures with Santa Historic Committee

  • City of Haysville | 2023 Planning Commission Agendas

    Planning/BZA Agendas Archived Meetings 2017 - 2019 Archived Meetings 2020 - 2022 JUNE 08, 2023 AGENDA VIDEO MAY 11, 2023 AGENDA VIDEO APRIL 13, 2023 AGENDA VIDEO MARCH 23, 2023 AGENDA VIDEO FEBRUARY 23, 2023 AGENDA VIDEO JANUARY 12, 2023 AGENDA VIDEO SEPTEMBER 28, 2023 AGENDA VIDEO AUGUST 24, 2023 AGENDA VIDEO JULY 13, 2023 AGENDA VIDEO DECEMBER 14, 2023 AGENDA VIDEO NOVEMBER 09, 2023 AGENDA VIDEO OCTOBER 26, 2023 AGENDA VIDEO

  • City of Haysville | Audit Reports

    Audit Reports 2022 Audit Report ​ 2021 Audit Report ​ 2020 Audit Report ​ 2019 Audit Report ​ 2018 Audit Report ​ 2017 Audit Report

  • City of Haysville | Pat Ewert Bio

    Pat Ewert- Ward III Ward III - Pat Ewert Term Expires Dec. 2025 316.655.7539 Councilperson Ewert has lived in Haysville for 60 years and has served on the City Council for 12. She currently serves on the Senior Center Planning Committee and the Haysville Historical Committee. She has two children, two step children, seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Pat worked as an administrative secretary in the Haysville school district for 30 years before retiring and becoming a Kindergarten para-educator at Nelson Elementary. The thing she enjoys the most about Haysville is the small town life it offers.

  • City of Haysville | Whisler Picnic

    Whisler Park Shelter Whisler Park Shelter 950 Freeman Avenue Please contact the HAC at 316.529.5922 between the hours of 8 AM to 5 PM, M-F o r email See calendar here for availability While every effort is made to keep this calendar up to date, please contact the HAC to verify the availability of the facility. IMG_6645 IMG_6631 Whisler4 IMG_6645 1/8

  • City of Haysville | Streets

    Streets The Street Department is responsible for the maintenance of City streets, right of ways, street signs, traffic lights and pavement markings. Other duties may include taking charge during road closures/inclement weather, hanging light pole banners and assisting with various community events. We take pride in the condition of our city streets and schedule regular maintenance to promote and ensure longevity. Snow Removal Process & Routes It is the City’s goal to ensure the safe and efficient movement of vehicle and pedestrian traffic during snow/ice events. You can view Emergency, Arterial & Collector Snow Routes here What is a “Snow Emergency” A snow emergency is defined as a point in time when 2” of snow have fallen and it is still snowing OR the weather forecasts indicate additional snow will fall. At that time, employees will begin plowing as close as possible to the time the snowfall ceases. The intent is to avoid plowing more than once for a single snowfall. Depending on the amount of snow, our goal is to plow and clear all arterial and collector streets within 48 hours. Final cleanup of areas will take place the next working day. The city is not responsible for snow/ice deposits in driveways or sidewalks due to the removal operations. Type I Snowfall Snowfall less than 2”, or any icing on the city streets Generally, snow removal is not necessary for all areas of the city. Primary traffic routes may be plowed and treated with salt and sand to maintain the safest possible surface. Type II Snowfall Snowfall of 2”-6” Typically, snow removal begins as soon as practical after snowfall has ceased, depending on the timing of the snowfall event. Every effort will be made to provide safe driving conditions prior to “peak traffic hours”. Type III Snowfall Snowfall greater than 6” The city has a system of arterial and collector streets that link neighborhoods, major arterial routes, and facilities such as schools, etc. Depending on the duration of any snowfall event, it may be necessary to continually clear arterial streets in order to assure public safety. Once snowfall has ceased, priority streets within the city will be cleared before snow removal begins on collector streets. Plowing Priorities In determining priority routes, considerations are given to topography, traffic volumes, and special usage. Heavily traveled routes are given greater priority over less traveled routes. Streets adjacent to schools, medical centers, and commercial areas are given additional consideration. Necessary county roads and state highways outside the city’s corporate limits will be maintained by the individual jurisdictions with minor overlapping assistance provided by the City of Haysville. Sanding Operations Sanding units will be dispatched to treat priority streets, stop signs, intersections, other problem areas as needed. If the only hazardous condition is drifting snow, there will be no need for sanding, only manual removal. When icing conditions exist, the crew leader may initiate a call out, or the dispatcher will notify Public Works immediately to enact sanding or deicing procedures. All vehicle or pedestrian accidents will be served as a priority. John Simons Street Supervisor 401 S. Jane 316.529.5940 Hours Monday- Thursday 7:30 am - 5:00 pm Friday 7:30 am - 11:30 am

  • City of Haysville | Old Oak Park

    Old Oak Park IMG_5761 IMG_5755 IMG_5757 IMG_5761 1/3 Old Oak Park Parking Hike and Bike Path Disc Golf - 18 Hole Course Lake with ADA Dock - Fishing Allowed

  • City of Haysville | 2022 Council Archives

    Council Agendas 2021 Council Agendas 2020 Council Agendas 2019 Council Agendas 2018 Council Agendas 2017 Council Agendas MAY 09, 2022 AGENDA VIDEO APRIL 11, 2022 AGENDA VIDEO MARCH 14, 2022 AGENDA VIDEO FEBRUARY 14, 2022 AGENDA VIDEO FEBRUARY 07, 2022 AGENDA VIDEO JANUARY 10, 2022 AGENDA VIDEO AUGUST 08, 2022 AGENDA VIDEO JULY 11, 2022 AGENDA VIDEO JUNE 13, 2022 AGENDA VIDEO NOVEMBER 14, 2022 AGENDA VIDEO OCTOBER 11, 2022 AGENDA VIDEO SEPTEMBER 12, 2022 AGENDA VIDEO JANUARY 09, 2023 AGENDA VIDEO DECEMBER 29, 2022 AGENDA VIDEO DECEMBER 12, 2022 AGENDA VIDEO

  • City of Haysville | Kirby Shelter

    Kirby Shelter Kirby Shelter 608 Chatta Street Please contact the HAC at 316.529.5922 between the hours of 8 AM to 5 PM, M-F o r email See calendar here for availability While every effort is made to keep this calendar up to date, please contact the HAC to verify the availability of the facility. Kirby6 Kirby3 Kirby2 Kirby6 1/5

  • City of Haysville | Orchard Picnic

    Orchard Acres Shelter Orchard Acres Shelter 1200 E. Dirck Street Please contact the HAC at 316.529.5922 between the hours of 8 AM to 5 PM, M-F o r email See calendar here for availability While every effort is made to keep this calendar up to date, please contact the HAC to verify the availability of the facility. Orchard_Picnic2 Orchard_Picnic1 Orchard_Picnic5 Orchard_Picnic2 1/4

  • City of Haysville | Legal Notices Archive

    Legal Notices Archive On September 11, 2023, the Haysville Governing Body adopted Charter Ordinance No. 29 exempting the City from the provisions of K.S.A. 12-1651 and providing substitute provisions which relate to the official naming of an official newspaper. On December 11, 2023, the Governing Body adopted Resolution No. 23-13 officially designating the City website ( ) as the official City newspaper for legal notices that do not require publication in a newspaper of general circulation. All notices meeting this definition will be published on this page. LEGAL NOTICES

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