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  • City of Haysville | Fred Cohlmia Park

    Fred A. Cohlmia Park Cohlmia_07132023_02 Cohlmia_07132023_03 IMG_4106 Cohlmia_07132023_02 1/15 Fred A. Cohlmia Memorial Park Dewey Gunzelman Pool Adult Pool Kids Pool Splash Pad Hike and Bike Path 2 Sand Volleyball Courts Playground

  • Administrative Services

    ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES Will Black City Administrator 316.529.5900 Georgie Carter Deputy Administrator 316.529.5900 200 W. Grand Avenue 316.529.5900 The City Administrator is responsible for providing leadership in the daily administration and implementation of all City operations and the policies, goals, and vision set forth by the Mayor and the City Council. The Administrative Department consists of economic development, planning and zoning, communications, multi-media, IT, and the senior center operations. They are responsible for: Promote and encourage community and economic development. Recommend annual budget, Prepares a budget for the city council’s consideration Administer the adopted budget and capital improvement programs. Act as liaison with citizens, businesses, community organizations, and government agencies. Monitor state and federal legislation. Prepare City Council meeting agenda, including supporting materials. Coordinate compliance with national and state laws. Implements and enforces policies established by the elected officials Enforces and implements local Zoning codes Manages Floodplain management and certification IT, Communications Multi-Media and Digital Communications Senior Center operations City legal Supervision of all City projects and grants Accountable for the City finances ​ Council Agendas ​ Doing Business ​ Planning/Zoning ​ Multimedia ​ Park Board ​ WiFi Maps

  • City of Haysville | 2022 Council Archives

    Council Agendas 2021 Council Agendas 2020 Council Agendas 2019 Council Agendas 2018 Council Agendas 2017 Council Agendas MAY 09, 2022 AGENDA VIDEO APRIL 11, 2022 AGENDA VIDEO MARCH 14, 2022 AGENDA VIDEO FEBRUARY 14, 2022 AGENDA VIDEO FEBRUARY 07, 2022 AGENDA VIDEO JANUARY 10, 2022 AGENDA VIDEO AUGUST 08, 2022 AGENDA VIDEO JULY 11, 2022 AGENDA VIDEO JUNE 13, 2022 AGENDA VIDEO NOVEMBER 14, 2022 AGENDA VIDEO OCTOBER 11, 2022 AGENDA VIDEO SEPTEMBER 12, 2022 AGENDA VIDEO JANUARY 09, 2023 AGENDA VIDEO DECEMBER 29, 2022 AGENDA VIDEO DECEMBER 12, 2022 AGENDA VIDEO

  • City of Haysville | PRIDE Park

    PRIDE Park Vickers1 flag_edit PA130012 Vickers1 1/6 PRIDE Park City Fountain Historic Vickers Station Hike and Bike Path City WiFi

  • City of Haysville | Riggs Timberlane

    Timberlane Shelter Timberlane Shelter 706 Sarah Lane Please contact the HAC at 316.529.5922 between the hours of 8 AM to 5 PM, M-F o r email See calendar here for availability While every effort is made to keep this calendar up to date, please contact the HAC to verify the availability of the facility. Timberlane2 Timberlane1 Riggs_07252023_01 Timberlane2 1/6

  • Historic Vickers Petroleum Service Station

    HISTORIC VICKERS PETROLEUM SERVICE STATION Vickers 1954 Haysville's Vickers Station was built in 1954, and was featured in a Vickers Petroleum 50th Anniversary book in 1958 Vickers Refining Products Circa 1964, Vickers Refining Company carried a wide range of petroleum products. vickers logo 2 A logo remodel kept Vickers relevant in changing times Another Vickers Station Another example of the batwing design. Sadly, this station is no longer exists. Haysville's station was the first built and the last standing. Vickers in 1999 Hickman's batwing design was built to last. Mayor's Bike Ride Community events like Mayor's Bike Ride occur at Vickers Station today. Vickers Ad A vintage ad from the 1960's shows Vickers Petroleum's Haysville pride. Economic Development Office Vickers Station is currently home to Haysville's Economic Development Office. Vickers Classics Classic car enthusiasts know cars of all makes and models look stunning with Vickers Station as the backdrop. HPD at Vickers The Haysville Police Department's "51" and "71" cruisers are used at parades and special events. Post tornado 1999 Just after the 1999 tornado, Vickers Station can be seen among the rubble. Vickers in spring A beautiful view in the springtime. Historic Signage Installed in November 2019, this plaque recognized Vickers listing on the National Register of Historic Places and lists the names of Historic Committee members. Vickers PRIDE Project 2002 After the 1999 tornado, Haysville PRIDE worked to save the building and make it usable once more. Pump Restoration The Haysville Street Rod Association restored four Bowser gas pumps for the station. From left: David Straub, Jerry Stevenson, Johnny McPherson, and Richard Riggs Vickers Logo Another Vickers Logo Vickers Pump Install After the Haysville Street Rod Association restores four pumps, they are installed by Haysville's Public Works department. New Signage City of Haysville mechanic Dan Jones fabricates a light box for vintage sign panels. Haysville's Vickers Petroleum Service Station ​ Vickers Petroleum , founded by Jack A. Vickers, Sr. in 1918, steadily rose in prosperity until its sale to Swift & Company in the late 1960s. The company became known for its innovation, not only in oil technology but also in building and construction. By 1954, Vickers’s son Jack A. Vickers, Jr. was the president of the company and set out to build transformative and modern service stations after amassing a large fortune for the company. Located at 140 N. Main Street , the Vickers Station was built in 1954 and is the first station in the U.S. to feature the unique 'batwing' design. The batwing concept was developed by architect John M. Hickman, who apprenticed under Frank Lloyd Wright at the University of Illinois. Hickman also designed downtown Wichita's Century II Performing Arts and Convention Center, and Wichita State University's Ablah Library. After a devastating tornado in 1999, Vickers Station was one of the few structures on the east side of Main Street left intact, motivating the community to restore and preserve the building. In 2007, the station was turned into office space. In 2009, after a six month restoration by the Haysville Street Rod Association, four Bowser gas pumps were installed outside the station. Today, the building is home to the City of Haysville's Economic Development Office. Vickers remains a popular destination for show car enthusiasts, motorcycle riding clubs, and senior portrait photographers, all of whom appreciate the nostalgic feeling the Station inspires. ​ Haysville's iconic Vickers Petroleum Service Station was added to the Register of Kansas Historic Places in August 2019. In October 2019, it was listed by the National Park Service on the National Register of Historic Places as well. The Vickers Station is in a Register sub-category called Roadside Kansas ; a genre that includes "automobile service stations, car dealerships, drive-in restaurants, roadside attractions, and other businesses that serve the motoring public." To view nomination paperwork, click here .

  • City of Haysville | Police

    Police Department Jeff Whitfield Chief of Police 316.529.5912 Keith Luongo Captain 316.529.5912 200 W. Grand Avenue 316.529.5912 Mission Statement The mission for every member of this department is to consistently seek and find ways to affirmatively promote, preserve, and deliver a feeling of security, safety and quality services to our community. Community Policing Officers organize neighborhood watch programs, block parties, tours and other community events to connect citizens and law enforcement together. ​ Vacation Home Check-Up and Block Parties Please click the Forms link below to access these 2 forms . ​ Investigations Patrol Municipal Court School Resource Officers Emergency Alerts Animal Control Found Dogs Forms City Code Standard Traffic Ordinance for Kansas Cities 2022 Uniform Public Defense Code for Kansas Cities 2022

  • City of Haysville | Water Consumer Confidence Report

    Water - Consumer Confidence Report Levi Brewer Water Supervisor 401 S. Jane 316.529.5940 Hours Monday- Thursday 7:30 am - 5:00 pm Friday 7:30 am - 11:30 am

  • City of Haysville | Park Board

    Park Board The Haysville Park Board is an advisory board that guides the development and maintenance of city parks and multi-use trails. The board is responsible for reviewing and updating the Haysville Parks Master Plan . The Board also studies and develops a written plan for the care, replacement, maintenance, and removal or disposition of trees and shrubs in the parks, along streets and in other public areas. ​ Park Board Members Russ Kessler, Mayor - Chair Jonas Harris Luetta Yoder Ken Bell Missy Daley ​ M eetings The Park Board meets at 5:15 p.m. on the 1st Monday (excluding holidays) of each month at City Hall, 200 W. Grand unless there are no agenda items to address. The board will meet at least once per quarter. These meetings are open to the public. ​ H aysvil le - Tree C ity US A Haysville has been named a Tree City USA by the National Arbor Day Foundation for 22 years to honor its commitment to its community forest. A rbor Day Plant ing The Tree Board holds an annual Arbor Day Planting on the first Monday in May at 5:15 PM. ​ Park Plan Annual Report This is the 2022 Annual Repo rt of the Park Board. You can access the report here. Haysville Parks ​ Designation/Memorial Form Nominations shall be submitted to the Park Board for review and recommendation. Nominations may be submitted from any one of the City's advisory boards or commissions, any interested neighborhood, civic group, or citizen. Upon determination that no conflict exists, the nomination form shall be forwarded to the Governing Body for final determination. For more information, agendas, or minutes regarding the Park Board, contact Nicci Stark at 529-5940.

  • City of Haysville | Bob Rardin Bio

    Bob Rardin- Ward III Ward III - Bob Rardin Term Expires Dec. 2023 316.522.2663 Councilperson Rardin has lived in Haysville for more than 50 years. He has been married to his wife Earlene for 48 years, and has three sons, three daughters-in-law, nine grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. He works as a Facilities Supervisor for Family MedCenters and is a retired sergeant from the Leon Police Department. Bob is a member of the Bethel Assembly of God and has served on the Haysville City Council for 15 years (2000-2004 and 2011-present). He believes Haysville is a great place to live and raise a family.

  • City of Haysville | Janet Parton Bio

    Janet Parton - Ward II Ward II - Janet Parton Term Expires Dec. 2023 316.641.4186 Councilperson Parton was elected to the City Council in 2017 and had served on the Planning Commission for 12 years prior to that. She has lived in the Haysville area over 50 years. Janet serves on the Haysville PRIDE committee. She tries to be at most Haysville events to support the community. After working at Washer Specialties for 21 years, she became an inside sales rep at Ferguson Enterprises, where she enjoys providing great customer service to customers in person and over the phone. Her favorite thing about Haysville is the way citizens come together to help one another, and the support they give to community events. Janet strives to be a catalyst for change, and she encourages citizens to call or email her with questions or concerns.

  • City of Haysville | Water Portal

    Water Customer Portal The City of Haysville has a new interactive, web-based customer portal that features easy-to-read usage charts, graphs, usage alerts, tips and more to put relevant data at our customers' fingertips regarding water usage. It provides almost everything a customer needs to correct current issues and make informed decisions about future usage. ​ FEATURES Email alarms and problem notifications to prevent or minimize unintended overuse Usage assessment and control Usage alert settings and usage alerts to help keep bills low and prevent billing surprises Remote monitoring of rental and vacation properties Decreases the need to call customer service ​ The portal allows for better use of staff time and improves billing and usage relationships. Water customer service staff can be proactive, initiating alerts and calls to consumers about unusual use they may see occurring which could be from a water leak. ​ HOW TO SIGN UP Go to Click "Need to set up an account?" Enter your email address and click "Get Started" An email will be sent from . Follow the link in the email. The link will expire after 24 hours Enter your account number (EXCLUDING DASHES), which can be found on your water bill, create a password (password must be at least 12 characters long), and click "Submit" After clicking submit, it will take you back to your login page. Your account is now active. ​ Below is an introductory video with visual instructions on how to sign-up. Nancy Bernardo Customer Support 316.529.5900 Hours Monday- Thursday 7:30 am - 5:00 pm Friday 7:30 am - 11:30 am Levi Brewer Water Supervisor

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