Projects and Updates 

Projects and Updates 

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Sunset Fields Improvements

ArcGIS storyboard of the project can be found here

Wastewater Dewatering Project

Sludge, or wastewater at the final step of treatment, is a watery brown liquid. Currently, the sludge is hauled away and land applied to nearby fields. Once the dewatering project is complete, the sludge will be fed at low pressure into a rotary press. A polymer (chemical) will be added to separate the water from the sludge. What is left is a very dry “cake”, best described as the consistency of playdoh.  The “cake” will be given to local farmers to apply to farm fields as fertilizer.

2nd Phase of Country Lakes Addition

The second phase of the Country Lakes housing development is currently underway.


Angel of Hope Kansas

The Angel of Hope Memorial is to be located in the southwest corner of Dorner Park. The purpose of the memorial is to honor families that have suffered a loss by miscarriage, still birth or child of any age. There are currently 147 Angel of Hope statues around the world, but this will be the first in Kansas!


Meridian Antique Lighting 

The antique lighting project serves several large neighborhoods within the City that currently did not have lighted access to our extensive hike and bike trails. The light bases and poles took approximately 8-10 weeks to manufacture. Phillips Southern Electric installed all items related to the project. They installed the East Grand Light project with the KDOT project. Installation took approximately two months. 


North Meridian  

This portion of the project installed 21 antique lights from Kwik Shop to the pedestrian bridge recently constructed by Sedgwick County. The lights were spaced 250 feet apart.  



South Meridian 

This portion of the project installed 16 antique lights from W. Grand Ave. to Saddlebrook Ave. These lights were also spaced 250 ft apart.  


71st Street Sidewalk 

This project will constructed a 5-foot-wide sidewalk from 71st St. and Meridian to HWMS. 

The width of the sidewalk was dictated by size of the right-of-way and open ditches. The sidewalk project provided Haysville West Middle School and St. Cecilia students, parents and staff a safe path to and from school. 



Dorner Park 

Randy Dorner Memorial  

The project is located at the 79th entry to Dorner Park: a memorial for our park’s namesake, long-time Public Works Director Randy Dorner. After his sudden passing in 2016, PEC designed the memorial in Randy’s honor, at no cost to the City. Vendors and contractors have donated time and materials to the project as well. The City did not use tax dollars to fund the project.  

The Randal L. Dorner memorial is complex, and the symbolism behind its details will be revealed at the grand opening of the park. This memorial gift not only honors a man who did so much for Haysville, but it does so without impacting the City’s budget.   



Concrete Pads 

Public Works staff will installed 4 canopies and 4 grills (4 separate areas). The concrete project constructed the canopy pads and sidewalk leading to them.  



Veteran’s Memorial  

On July 13, City Council approved the construction of a Veterans Memorial located at S. Main and Grand Ave. The 1250 sq ft memorial features a bronze statue along with a 6 ft plaque on the back wall. The back wall is 4 ft tall and 27 ft in length. The wall is backlit by LED strip lights. The memorial statue is lit along with the two flags. Benches were installed for visitors to reflect.