Business Establishment Steering Team

Business Establishment Steering Team

The Business Establishment and Steering Team (BEST) was primarily formed to help take the guess work and surprises out of starting, expanding, or relocating a business in Haysville.  In addition, BEST serves as first point of contact for existing businesses as they make plans for physical changes to buildings and grounds.  For virtually any type of business assistance, this team of professionals look forward to meeting with you to discuss vital topics and provide initial counseling and assistance.  Whether your interest is in starting a business in Haysville, or making literally any change to your existing business property, such as interior or exterior building alteration, landscaping, signage, wall construction/demolition, lighting, and more, BEST is your "go to" source for immediate help.  This team should also be considered as an on-going resource as your business grows.

To schedule a meeting with BEST or to request a customized "Starting Your Business" guide, call  Economic Development Director Zach McHatton at (316) 529-5909 or

The Team

Mayor Bruce Armstrong

Will Black - Chief Adminstrative Officer

Rose Corby - Planning & Zoning

Chad Bettles - Code Enforcement / Inspections

Kayla Kostecki - Administrative Secretary (Business Licenses)