Commercial Property

Commercial Property

South Meade St. and 71st St.

  1. Site Address: Haysville, KS 67060

  2. Size: 13.3 acres

  3. City Zoning: F, Light Industrial District

  4. Building: There are no buildings present

  5. Historic Land Use: Agriculture, most recently corn

  6. Asking Price: Undisclosed, contact seller, Jeff Blood at 316.648.2757

  7. Utilities: A 12" water main runs along the north side of the subject property and city public sewer is located approximately 300' of the property's western boundary

  8. Location: The property is located adjacent to I-35/Kansas Turnpike entrance and exit ramp.  It is also south of 71st Street and east of South Meade Street (turnpike entrance/exit ramp).  The property is highly visible from the I-35 road right-of-way (ROW)

South Meade and 71st Street (PPP).jpg
Lkg at NW corner.JPG
Lkg E at heart of proprty.JPG
Lkg E from hotel 3rd floor wndw.JPG
Lkg SW from viaduct.JPG