Commercial Property

Commercial Property

79th St. South - Broadway Ave. (US-81)
Current Price - $850,000

  1. Address: No address at this time, but located along S. Broadway Avenue and 79th Street South.

  2. Property Size: 11.05-acres. Owner is willing to divide into smaller portions.

  3. Zoning: D, Light Commercial District, of the City of Haysville.

  4. Buildings: Currently there are no buildings located upon the subject parcel.

  5. Historic Land Use: Agriculture.

  6. Asking Price: $850,000

  7. Utilities: Public water with a 12” water main serves the property from both the west and the north.

  8. Location: Southeast Haysville, Kansas, at the northwest corner of the intersection of 79th Street South and South Broadway Avenue.

Location Map.jpg
Water Line Map.jpg
Lkg W from east boundary.JPG

Looking West


Looking Northwest

Lkg SW from NE corner (shows hydrant).JPG

Looking Southwest

Lkg NE from SW corner.JPG

Looking Northeast