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Planning & Zoning Department

As a responsibility of the Administrative Services Department, the planning component of the City of Haysville serves as a process for guiding the future growth of Haysville.  City planning attempts to establish a course of action over the development of the physical environment on behalf of the citizens of Haysville and the Haysville Community.


Rose Corby

Planning Coordinator


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Public Hearing Information


Please contact Rose Corby, Planning Coordinator, with questions or concerns at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  and 316-529-5900 during regular business hours. Additional information can be found using the following links:


Land Use Map (Area of Influence)


Park Plan



Haysville Activity Center



Cell Tower - 133 Baughman



Planning Coordinator

The Planning Coordinator works with and assists the Haysville Planning Commission with initiation and implementation of various studies, master plans, and regulations pertaining to zoning and subdivision.  It is their responsibility to coordinate and manage planning and consultant contracts, studies, and reports.  The Coordinator acts as a liaison between the Planning Commission and Governing Body.


Zoning Information

The Coordinator is responsible for enforcing the City of Haysville Zoning Regulations and can answer any inquiries about zoning uses, classifications, and any application that would propose modifications to land within the City limits.  Applications for re-zoning, conditional use permits, lot splits, vacation requests, and warranty deeding are all processed through the Planning Department.



Zoning Regulations
Subdivision Regulations




City of Haysville Zoning Map



Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map


What is a Comprehensive Plan? A brief document explaining the benifits of a Comprehensive Plan


Conditional Use Permit Application

Conditional Use Permit Instructions

Lot Split Application

Lot Split Instructions

Vacation Request Instructions and Application

Vacation Order Example

Zone Change Application

Wireless Communication Facility Application


Flood Preparation and Safety Brochure




For more information, necessary forms, and publications; visit the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) website.



Statistical Analysis

The Planning & Zoning Department is responsible for developing and maintaining certain information databases, with continual updating and interpretation as necessary. 


Traffic Counts

Consistently updating traffic counts is necessary to help promote growth commercially, evaluate street improvement and replacement needs to allow for precise budgeting, and to project future needs of the City's transportation system.  Counts are typically done on a three year cycle and incorporate efforts made by the Kansas Department of Transportation.


City of Haysville Traffic Study

City of Haysville Traffic Study Map